Brian O'Neil - Portfolio


Brian O’neill is a self-taught artist from Long Island, New York. He spent many hours at the ocean, saltwater estuaries and lakes that are depicted in his artwork. This is where his lobe of all elements of nature began.

His passion for gardening along with his heightened sense of colour and design inspire his bold florals, stunning still life as well as his beautiful majestic pondscapes.

O’Neill in his own words:
“I believe that creativity and passion combine to inspire new visions. In my art, passion transfers directly into themes of flowers, nature and water through a range of styles.

Flowers by their very nature combine qualities of grace and power that I find intriguing. In my paintings, I have been able to marry these qualities by placing a wide assortment of colours and flowers upon textures metallic backgrounds. The ruff and uneven metallic surfaces convey bold strength while the sift petals leaves and stems turn gracefully in the foreground.

Thematic explorations incorporate dramatic black backdrops with floral realism. Romantic, old world and contemporary vases depicting birds, Asian landscapes, water ponds and colourful glass serve as vessels for rising flowers to cut through blackness with dynamic movement. Marble, in a myriad of colours lies beneath the vases, creating a strong anchor for the dancing stems and flowers. Elements above the marble are reflected in the stone, creating another layer of depth within the piece.

Painting is my passion. Through this passion I continually strive to find a new and interesting way to recreate all that inspires me, My artistic challenge is to transfer the internal journey to the external canvas and share those discoveries with the rest of the world.”